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Belize Country Fund

Contributions to the Belize Country Fund will support Volunteers’ community projects that will take place in rural Belize. These projects are commonly initiatives focused, but not limited to: Health & Sanitation, Gender & Development and Youth Development.

Insufficient infrastructure, poor nutrition and fitness, alack of stimulation for youth, and gender roles that can discourage women and girls from pursuing economic opportunities are the major challenges that affect rural villages in Belize. Working with community counterparts, Peace Corps Belize Volunteers facilitate development and address these issues at a grassroots level. For all projects, community members work together to provide resources and plan for sustainability. Additional monetary support through modest donations and grants can make a huge difference in the success of a youth leadership camp, small business project, or community development initiative.

If you have any questions about current projects for Peace Corps Belize or how to make a donation to support those projects,please contact the Health Program Manager at

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