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Malawi Country Fund

The Country Fund will support many varied Volunteer projects in Malawi. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Apart from poverty, Malawi is also heavily hit by HIV/AIDS. Typical projects include water and sanitation, agricultural development, Income Generation Activities, youth and HIV/AIDS related programs. Many such projects fail to materialise or be implemented better due to lack of resources or the time/effort it takes to get them. You can make a big difference for both the work of the volunteers and people of Malawi by contributions to the Malawi Country Fund, which is designed for faster response to the Volunteers and their communities. An example of country fund use was funding a local mini-camp for a Volunteer's community, using resources and people that were trained at one of the national camps, like Camp GLOW or Camp Sky. These can happen frequently as $300 - $800 is above easy Volunteer fund raising, but it goes a long way in developing motivation/skills of a local group of 30 young women or youth.

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