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Sierra Leone Country Fund

Contributions to the Sierra Leone Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Sierra Leone. These projects will focus on secondary education initially, but will grow to potentially include other sectors such as water and sanitation, agricultural development, and youth programs.

Peace Corps is returning to Sierra Leone after a period of extended civil war. Soon after the civil war ended, the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) identified education as a national priority. Sierra Leone's educational system has been transitioning from post-conflict resolution to sustainable development and working to provide quality and affordable education. In response to this national priority, the Peace Corps' initial return to Sierra Leone will focus on Secondary Education Volunteers teaching English, science, and math.

In addressing prevalent needs in Sierra Leone, Peace Corps volunteers work hand in hand with their Sierra Leonean community and school counterparts in engaging the community to identify their priority needs and possible interventions. The community also identifies local resources and gaps within which external assistance is required. Donations to the Country Fund will be utilized to help fill those gaps and provide additional resources.

The theme of future programming in Sierra Leone is strong and strategic growth. In 2012, a second project area may be added to complement the existing Secondary Education Project and Peace Corps will more than double the number of Volunteers in country. Future programming expansion will likely focus on community development, health education, agriculture, and food security, in keeping with GoSL priorities. Strengthening local organizational capacities, food security, and income generation are explicitly advocated as major goals of many national development initiatives.

If you have questions about this or other projects, email our office.

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