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Gambia | 2017 Gambia Youth Chess Tournament

Howard, C.
volunteer from District of Columbia
in Gambia

If you practice chess very well, even if you are a child, you can beat the elders. The Gambia Youth Chess Tournament will bring together 20 boys and girls from across the country for three days. In an environment of fun and competition, participants will test their skills and make connections with other young people and with organizers at the local Federation. This event represents a rare opportunity for children from isolated rural villages to become members of a national community.

Participants will be selected from among children trained in the Chess For the Gambia project. For one year, this project has offered over 160 children in rural villages the opportunity to train and practice through play and through workshops. The Gambia Youth Chess Tournament will give these hard-working children the chance to win recognition for their achievements.

Practicing chess can teach confidence and focus, as well as improving scholastic abilities. There is a strong correlation between playing chess and high achievement in math and English, according to a recent study.

This event will provide a chance for participants to be recognized for their hard work, and will promote education through chess in all the communities it touches . Particular recognition will be given to high-scoring female participants. The tournament will help reinforce the Peace Corps goals of gender development and will instill children marginalized due to age, gender or social status with a new sense of pride and accomplishment. Additionally, other noticeable expected potential outcomes include but not limited to: students to demonstrate improve achievement in the content of the class, club, or camp. Students also demonstrate increased confidence or motivation through increased participation in a class from their chess activities.

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