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Ukraine | Ambassador Stevens Memorial Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Intercultural Lab

Logan, K.
volunteer from California
in Ukraine

This proposed projects seeks to increase the positive frequency of interaction between Ukrainian and foreign university students and their knowledge about tolerance in a closed and conservative city in Western Ukraine. The proposed project will include four Skype sessions with university students in the United States to discuss themes of tolerance and diversity from a different perspective. In addition there will be individual training workshops for both Ukrainian and foreign students, along with a joint workshop and culminating with a community roundtable discussion about tolerance and diversity in the community. Participants of this project and other university students in the city will receive a bilingual (Ukrainian/English) booklet about their legal rights with an emphasis on discrimination in order to empower themselves. New students (both foreign and Ukrainian) will receive a bilingual multicultural information guide about the city in the fall semester in order to better integrate into the community and become acquainted with the city. Also participants in this project will broaden their contacts with diverse groups in the hope that this will assist in making the city more tolerant and welcoming. All these combined activities will help to integrate Ukrainian and foreign students better together, while breaking down barriers in city that is trying to come to terms with its changing identity.

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