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Ghana | Basic School ICT Center

Marthaler, A.
volunteer from Wisconsin
in Ghana

In our community, we have only one basic school. Currently, the students are being taught Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) on a blackboard, writing down and memorizing the textbook that the teacher has. Many of the students have never touched or properly used a computer before and have never had the opportunity to practice computer use. They, therefore, face challenges and perform poorly in the ICT exams of their Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE). This project will fund 20 computers, projector, and other supplies (extension cords, uninterrupted power supply) to complete an operational ICT lab for the school. The community has independently fundraised to restore an old building on our school campus that will house the ICT lab. The impact of this project will be substantial; students from the primary school through the Junior High School (JHS) will have the opportunity to learn about computers in a hands-on method that will influence the way they are able to manage in our ever-growing technological world. They will become knowledgeable and confident in their computer skills, which will help them to understand and pass their BECE exams and future educational levels.

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