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Peru | Bathroom Project

Prabhakara, P.
volunteer from Michigan
in Peru

The Amazonas Bathrooms Project provides families with a sustainable means of bathroom and sewage treatment by offering educational and technical trainings as well as individual house-hold biodigester and flush-toilet systems. By improving hygiene practices, house-hold water treatment and storage, and eliminating the threat of human waste from each household, the project will reduce cases of parasite, bacteria, and virus caused infections thus reducing cases of diarrhea, fever, fatigue, malaise, vomiting, respiratory infections and more. The improved health of family members increases the ability to participate in income-generating activities and childrens’ school attendance. A project committee has been formed. Households are required to attend 5 mandatory behavioral change workshops on improved hygiene, household water treatment and storage, waste management, bathroom and sewage system implementation and maintenance, and fundraising. All workshops are provided by the health center nurse, municipality councilwoman and councilman, and volunteer. As a "€œpay-it-forward" approach and a means to promote behavior change in other families and replicate the project, households are required to partner with and train in the aforementioned themes one at-risk family in the neighboring community (contracts will be formed and signed). Each household must begin a piped-water installation by January 2017 with the help of the municipality and local councilman. Each family will prepare their site for construction by excavation and help the builder with construction. The president and vocal of the project committee will monitor behavior change, bathroom-biodigestor use, and maintenance by conducting house visits after construction is completed.

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