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Swaziland | Books for Swaziland 2017

Wickham, T
volunteer from Colorado
in Swaziland

Books for Swaziland is a project designed to establish new libraries or enhance existing school library facilities in rural Swaziland communities. The libraries will increase the English skills of participating students, empowering them to succeed in school and go on to university or employment. Each newly established library will remain open for an estimated 10 years, with 30 libraries reaching over 60,000 students during this time. This figure represents approximately six percent of the country'€™s total population. Through this project, Volunteers and their communities will be providing tangible benefits for the next generation of Swazi children.

Each location will receive roughly 1,000 high-quality children'€™s, young adult, and information books, donated by Books For Africa, a U.S. based organization. The money raised by American donors will be used to cover the cost of shipping from America to Durban, South Africa. Each location receiving books will raise funds to help cover the cost of shipping the books to Swaziland. The money will also be used to organize a workshop, coordinated through the Swaziland National Library Service, to properly train the librarian counterparts

Participating locations have agreed to provide a clean, secure room containing book shelves, a teacher or community member to manage the library, and a written plan detailing how the library will promote literacy. These community contributions in conjunction with the funds raised locally represent over 40 percent of the project cost and demonstrate a firm commitment to this project from local Swazi leaders.

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