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Cameroon | Let Girls Learn | Bring Girls Water

Pelusi, J.
volunteer from Washington
in Cameroon
A girl trying to collect water.

This project is a way to address the serious water problem in my village. Poor water availability and quality is a main problem when it comes to the health of many people in my village. Especially, during the dry season, finding proper water is a daily struggle and a necessity for life.

Many conversations have been sparked between me and the girls in my community on the main issue that prevent students or out of school girls to attend meetings and schools. After my first project, ‘Training of Tantines as Peer Educators', it was clear that the top priority after the HIV prevention training is making water available allow time for my girls and for the whole community. We have been working with the Health center staff and the mayor to find the better way of doing it. He promised to have the local council contribute up to 25% of the funds necessary for the building of the water pump.

The health staff is willing to hold sessions on WASH issues as well as establish a fund collection of (300 CFA/month) for community members using the pump to help pay for unforeseen future problems with the pump. A newly formed Water committee will be train on how to manage the project so that sustainability can be ensured.

We hope that this water pump will bring clean water to my village for not only the use of the girls, but also the hospital and community members. This will reduce the time spent searching for water, an activity particularly common for young girls, so more time is allowed for school, studies, and other household activities. This will also reduce the water borne illnesses faced by many, which will intern lead to more time in schools, less work missed, and less money spent treating the sickness.

This project has been designed to expand access to education for girls in Cameroon as part of the Let Girls Learn Program. Learn more at

Your contribution increases the impact of Ms. Pelusi, her fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, and their communities; and makes a brighter future possible for young women in Cameroon.

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