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Mongolia | Bring Professional Development to English Teachers

Rodgers, M
volunteer from Oklahoma
in Mongolia

This project will be a half-day seminar on English language teaching methodologies and professional development opportunities. The seminar would be held at a local Medical School, free of charge and with access to available equipment.

There would be multiple 45-minute to 1-hour long presentations given by local PCVs and their CPs. Local teachers would be encouraged to present. We will also invite the English Language Coordinator from the US embassy, a TOEIC specialist, and an Australian professional with a close working relationship with the local language school and knowledge of study abroad opportunities.

At the end of the conference, there will be a short survey to assess the conference and certificates for all participants and presenters. We would also work with the Foreign Language Methodologist of the village to better meet the needs of local teachers. The desired outcome is to provide professional development opportunities for local teachers who might not be able to attend larger conferences such as ELTAM.

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