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Belize | Camp BRO (Boys Reaching Out) 2017

Severini, C
volunteer from Virginia
in Belize

The proposed Boys Reaching Out (BRO) Camp will focus on fostering leadership, strengthening self-esteem, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and spreading awareness of gender equality. The Camp will target boys ages 9 to 14 of diverse cultural backgrounds and create an environment to promote education and growth tailored to the needs of its participants.

By incorporating internal and external resources such as Host Country National work partners from the various communities of participants, guest speakers, educational presentations, team-building exercises, hands-on demonstrations, and real-world scenarios, participants will learn, share, cooperate, explore, and err in a safe, nurturing environment.

This project will require the various communities of its participants to raise funds and identify community members willing to devote their time and efforts to the development and growth of the boys. In turn, designating community stakeholders will support leader empowerment and community participation on a large scale, and culminate in a week of exploring diversity, sharing ideas and customs, and overcoming challenges meant to encourage learning and growth.

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