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Ukraine | Camp TORCH

Green, T.
volunteer from Vermont
in Ukraine

Camp TORCH stands for Thoughtful Organizing for the Rights of Children. The purpose of this 7-day camp is to educate Ukrainian children, ages 13-17, about their rights under the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child. Ukrainian youth will gain knowledge about the children's rights situation in Ukraine through the lens of health, environmental, and gender-related issues. Children will also examine specific issues vulnerable groups (e.g. Roma children, children with disabilities, and internally displaced children) face in an effort to build awareness, reduce discrimination, and foster empathy. Peace Corps volunteers and Ukrainian camp counselors will work together to conduct these trainings to promote human rights education and youth leadership.

Non-traditional education and the promotion of soft skills are important for the ongoing development of children. With this in mind, Camp TORCH will ensure that each camper has experience with skills such as team building, project management and design, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and media literacy. To further develop foreign language skills, the camp will also be conducted in Ukrainian and English.

After the camp, these young men and women will use their newly acquired knowledge and skills to implement a project within their communities. Volunteers and Ukrainian counterparts will serve as mentors during this process to ensure that the children are assuming active roles in educating their communities. Over all, the aim of this project is to help Ukrainian children recognize and understand their human rights; so that it will empower them to become youth leaders who support the rights of others.

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