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Madagascar | Let Girls Learn | Classroom Construction: Increasing Girls' Access to Education

Reinhart, M.
volunteer from New York
in Madagascar

My community, with your help on this project, plans to build three new classrooms for the upper-level grades of the middle school. The school currently uses a large classroom split by temporary walls for three of the classes. The three new classrooms will allow the students to have a safe and education enabling environment to learn. The project will improve the learning conditions of currently 100 girls out of 153 students, and is very likely to generate increase of girl's attendance in at school.

Upon completion of the new classrooms, the PCV and counterparts will hold training for both male and female school students to educate them about the importance of gender equity to help them create a happy and harmonious community. Gender equity have been challenged by culture, practices, and living environment on the detriment of girls education and dignity. With the current worn-out classroom, classes have been often canceled because of the poor learning environment and weather conditions.

The community has already come together in the past two years to start the building classrooms with the help of another organization. However, after starting, the other organization disappeared, and the project was unable to continue. The community is eager to get the project going. The community will provide the skilled and experienced laborers and the materials and supplies to help continue the building. This building is planned to be like the others on the compound which have endured for the past 50-plus years.

This project has been designed to expand access to education for girls in Madagascar as part of the Let Girls Learn Program. Learn more at

Your contribution increases the impact of Ms. Reinhart, her fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, and their communities; and makes a brighter future possible for young women in Madagascar.


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