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Togo | Clinic laboratory Project

Balding, S.
volunteer from Tennessee
in Togo

This laboratory project will equip an existing clinic in the community with the materials and resources necessary to perform basic lab tests. Currently community members do not have access to laboratory services through their local clinic, which has many negative implications for their health. With laboratory services the medical providers in the clinic will be able to better diagnose and treat some of the common bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections found in the area. These services will also provide the clinic's birth attendant with access to the basic prenatal tests that are necessary for quality prenatal care. Information from these tests can be used to help mitigate potential complications during pregnancy and delivery. This project is designed to enhance the quality of care available to individuals at the existing clinic in the community. This project will also help build the capacity of the medical providers that work at the existing clinic. With access to laboratory services medical providers will be able to provide patients with more accurate diagnosis as well as treatment options. The community has already donated the space located in the clinic that will be re-purposed for the laboratory. In the past year the community has also raised the money necessary to send a community member to train at the district hospital and receive a lab technician certification. With the space already available and a community member ready to take on the role of lab technician all that remains is purchasing the necessary supplies to furnish the laboratory.

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