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Mozambique | Community Library Program

Hamilton, A.
volunteer from Minnesota
in Mozambique

I wish to apply to the Peace Corps Partnership Program to restore a library space in my community, Gaza, with chairs, desks, bookcases, learning materials, etc. Currently, using books I received from Livro Aberto, I am running a small reading program out of my house for about 10 - 15 kids. However, my home is not the ideal location for these activities. Luckily, there is an empty house owned by my school directly next to mine that would work perfectly. I have already secured the approval of my school to use this space and they have refurbished the doors, locks, windows, screens and electricity. Unfortunately, they do not have the funds to add any materials inside (desks, bookcases, etc.).

The potential impact of this project is huge. In addition to expanding my early grade reading program (by hosting more kids, training more facilitators to use the space and conduct sessions) we will also be able to utilize the space to host secondary level study materials and provide study periods where students from the school can access the books to aid in their learning. Currently there is no study space at my school and the course books remain locked in our office where students miss the opportunity to learn from them. My ultimate goal is to create a schedule that will include periods for early grade reading activities and open study/ tutoring times for secondary level students.

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