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Ghana | Community Library Project 2017

Espanet, A.
volunteer from Texas
in Ghana

This project aims to provide the Peace Corps Volunteer's community with a functioning library space. This space will act as a place for students and community members to learn and improve their literacy skills. With this project, a building consisting of two rooms will be constructed to serve as a spacious library and a separate office space for the librarian and ICT teacher's use.

The primary school in the community received books from the government some time back. However, the school does not have a space where these books can be safely stored and accessed by the students, and are currently being stored in the chief's palace. In addition to these books given by the government, the community will receive more books from the Ghana Get Some Books project later this year. The primary school has purchased three computers using funds raised by the students, and one computer has been donated by the community chief. Again, the school does not have a space where these computers can be safely stored and accessed. This library project will provide students with access to these resources and improve upon their literacy. It will also provide other community members a conducive environment to study.

The community and school fully support this project. A library committee has been organized to manage the library space, assisting both students and the librarian to ensure the library remains functional. The community will provide the land for the structure as well as labor and materials.

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