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Dominican Republic | Community Resource Center

Henry-White, J.
volunteer from Missouri
in Dominican Republic

The small rural community recently constructed a local resource center - an enormous achievement nearly 4 years in the making. The community worked tirelessly to gather the funds to purchase the land for the construction, and then followed up this accomplishment by donating nearly all labor for free by the local men and women to build the structure. Now, the community proposes this project to better equip this facility to serve its purpose: to provide educational opportunities for community members, young and old, via access to new technology and library resources.

The first project objective is to purchase computers, furniture and library resources needed for the functional operation of the center. The second objective is to train technology aides in proper use and maintenance of new technology equipment. These aides will then multiply their knowledge through group instruction classes and a large community workshop. The third objective is to train library aides in the proper care and organization of library resources. These aides will then run a week-long parent-child reading camp focused on book-centered strategies for in-home literacy support.

The community contribution will come in the form of donated furniture for the center, a painted mural for the library space, transportation of purchased supplies, a reading camp for young children and further contributions.

This project will provide essential resources that will specifically support a high-need group of the community, roughly 120 children (ages 14 and below) and 80 young people (ages 15-24), for whom the center was principally built.

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