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Lesotho | Community Water Supply Project

O'Connor, S.
volunteer from Florida
in Lesotho

The project is a multi-step process to create a solar powered borehole for the community. For this grant, we plan to use the grant money towards the materials needed for the drilling of the borehole. After being surveyed, the local water committee has agreed to drilling of 100 meters for water. This committee was formed in January 2016 due to severe drought that impacted the community water supply. The organization wants to ensure that all members of the community have access to water at all times.

The borehole is important for the community because the community will have access to clean water even in times of drought. Access to clean water leads to good health. The community has already contributed to the project by putting in money towards surveying the land to seek where the borehole should be placed. The community has also agreed to contribute any necessary tools needed to make the project complete as well as pay for the cost of any maintenance needed after the project is finished.

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