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Cameroon | Computer Lab and Library in West

Fitz, P.
volunteer from Pennsylvania
in Cameroon

The community requires both a library and a computer lab to further improve the teaching of all students in all subjects by mitigating in part the text-poor nature of a village school lacking in many resources. Increasing the opportunities offered to students through enhanced instruction, extracurricular involvement, and professional development. Activities include the training of teachers in improved instruction and tech in the classroom, as well as the training of students in the management and utilization of a media center. Specifically, this project seeks to obtain computers for the outfitting of a computer lab at the school and to provide for capacity-building training.

The administration and the school PTA are both actively involved in the implementation of the project: the director acutely identified the needs of the institution, and the PTA has earmarked money for the creation of the physical space on the campus, which is currently under construction. The community is involved in the production of furniture and utilities for the space.

We hope that teachers will benefit through the augmentation of their pedagogic practices and increased access to resources. Students will benefit from better instruction, more access to resources, text-richer learning environments, increased extracurricular opportunities, and improved literacy/STEM participation. Community members will benefit through eventual usage of the space (managed by the students and staff), increased achievement of students at the school, and greater access to resources.

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