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Uganda | Computer Laboratory for Core Primary Teachers' College

Briggs, M.
volunteer from District of Columbia
in Uganda

The project purpose is for Peace Corps and Core PTC to work together to build an ICT lab which can offer more opportunities for Pre-Service Teachers and college staff to access computers and the Internet. Currently, there is not enough room for pre-service teachers to use the college's 21 desktop computers. Sitting two students to each computer, many students may pass a whole academic year only watching a classmate operate a computer. Of these 21 computers, only about 3 have regular Internet access. The college is requesting Peace Corps's support in building a space conducive to using the college's pre-existing and yet-to-be-acquired ICT resources.

The project goals are to build an ICT lab which, over time, can accommodate features such as a wireless Internet server, an industrial printer/scanner/copier, laptop computers, tables, chairs, etc. Improving the current ratio of 1 computer to every 8.4 first-year student-teachers would increase pre-service teachers' access to computers significantly and provide more opportunities for college staff as well.

This project addresses goal 3.31 of Peace Corps Uganda's Primary Literacy Project ("Improving access to more electronic resources due to the expansion of a school computer center"). The impact is that both male and female primary school teachers as well as college staff would be better informed, better equipped to incorporate ICT into their classroom teaching, and better prepared for the global job market's increasing onus put on digital aptitude.

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