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Ecuador | Dolly Project as Sustainable Women's Leadership Tool

VanTreeck, J
volunteer from Illinois
in Ecuador

The dolly project serves to positively impact a group of 20 rural Ecuadorian women in a microfinance group called "El Lecherito." These women currently transport 20 liters of cow milk in aluminum containers on their back twice daily; some walk up to 4 kilometers round-trip every day. One of the goals of the project is for the beneficiaries to utilize dollies as a more efficient mode of transportation than their current method. There are two primary community leaders in this effort: the local mechanical engineer and the local credit union treasurer.

The project's objective is to promote physical health and economic well-being for "El Lecherito" women through several key components. First, the community organization will help construct part of the dollies themselves which is both self-sustaining and empowering. Second, the local mechanical engineer will teach the women the appropriate technical skills to fix and repair dolly equipment as materials wear and tear. Third, the local credit union treasurer will build financial leadership by managing the women's bimonthly deposits, along with supporting responsible spending and saving for dolly resources. These collective activities will enhance sustainability.

Incorporating the dollies into the women's daily lives has the potential to reduce pain, save time and energy, as well as alleviate long-term back problems. This is, essentially, another form of improving the community members' quality of life. By fostering the physical health of the women in "El Lecherito", this encourages a stable economy and a happier community organization.

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