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Gambia | Let Girls Learn | Early Childhood Development Classroom

Mueller, P.
volunteer from Wisconsin
in Gambia
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Information collected from my baseline survey, the school is operating with acute spacing for the teeming students. The school currently has five classrooms and twenty-two classes in operation. Due to this acute shortage of classrooms, the ECD students are extremely disadvantaged. This dire need is also established by the classroom observations which indicates that the 135 children enrolled in ECD have only one classroom with one teacher to have class in. This atmosphere creates an environment that is not safe or conducive to learning. This limits their access to quality Early Childhood Development education in the community. The community, with the help of the local Mother's Club, school principal, teachers and Village Development Committee and labor donated by the local mason have collected funds and started the project to construct a building which will have 3 classrooms for the students. When the building is completed, the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education will provide the school with two more teachers. The Community, principal, parents, teachers, Mother's Club, Village Development Committee and School Management Team are collaborating with The Peace Corps to ensure the success of this project. There is a strong presence of women dedicated to the community and the livelihood of their families. The community has never had a Peace Corp Volunteer but the Mother's Club, VDC and principal worked together to apply for one to aid them in improving the education and health of their children. The community has given overwhelming support to The Peace Corps and the volunteer.

The main objective upon completion of the 3 classrooms that the Peace Corp Volunteer will focus on is providing training for the 3 ECD teachers in classroom management and best teaching practices. Also, the PCV will facilitate the teachers in creating an atmosphere conducive to learning with books, visual aids and local learning materials. The next objective will be implementing an early childhood curriculum that is appropriate for Gambian children. The long term objectives for the project are providing a permanent place for the ECD students to learn and train teachers to use the facility in the best possible way for learning for the children of the village. The main beneficiaries of the project will include a total of 135 students and 3 teachers. The construction of these the building will encourage all village ECD children to attend school regularly. The parents will be confident that their children are safe and in a thriving environment. This healthy start will promote learning and success in their future education. The village as a whole will have access to workshops and training in the importance of Early Childhood Education and its' impact on childhood development and success in school for their children ensuring the sustainability of the project.

The community will provide the labor to construct the building and the PCVs and Principal will supervise the building with help of the local mason, Village Development Committee and School Management Team. The community has an excellent history of community involvement with a focus on improving education and health for the children of it’s' village. Many clubs, organizations such as Mother's Clubs, horticulture clubs, school committees and other groups meet in the village. The village has shown extreme willingness, support, encouragement and is open to working with any ideas that the PCV has suggested for improving the community thus far.

This project has been designed to expand access to education for girls in The Gambia as part of the Let Girls Learn Program. Learn more at

Your contribution increases the impact of Ms. Mueller, her fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, and their communities; and makes a brighter future possible for young women in The Gambia.

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