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Panama | Eco Stoves in the Community

Davis, S.
volunteer from Ohio
in Panama

Communities in Panama often use open-air "three stones cooking stove" system for cooking. This demands high amounts of firewood because of its inefficiency, which in turn and accelerates forest deforestation, leading to a loss of biodiversity. In addition, family health is affected. This is because mainly women cook the meals, together with their children. As a result many family members are exposed to smoke on a daily basis, increasing breathing problems.

The ecological stove project requires purchasing materials in a nearby town - and hiring an experienced welder to construct the stove grate. The regional Ministry of the Environment presence has agreed to transport purchased materials and assist with training prearranged groups of individuals that want stoves. Ministry of the Environment has recently improved on past models and now uses molds to form a concrete table that the stove will sit on.

Projected activities involve: purchasing materials with Ministry of the Environment, hiring a welder to make the grating, organizing material drop-points and training community members on the construction process. The objective of this project is to provide an alternative cooking solution that reduces firewood consumption, reduces smoke inhalation, and provides a sturdy and safer stove for daily cooking activities.

The community will contribute gravel, sand, post-training manual labor, shovels, and roofing construction if needed. Furthermore, individuals are required, and have agreed to participate in a trash management program in the community.

The potential impact of this project is considerable; environmental degradation is profound, and is and highly visible in the mountain village. The project implementation can directly impact the rate of deforestation would be a powerful teaching tool. Moreover this project will directly impact the physical health of many families in the area and provide them with a stove that prevents respiatory diseases and that cooks food faster in an environmentally responsible way.

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