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Dominican Republic | Escojo Ensenar Teacher Training Conference

Stephens, A.
volunteer from Pennsylvania
in Dominican Republic

Escojo Ensenar is an initiative designed to facilitate an exchange of teaching techniques and practices at a district level. Several Northern Border school districts have so far been underserved by this relatively new initiative, something the inaugural conference will remedy. At the suggestion of local school district officials, this conference will focus on strategies teachers can use to decrease behavioral problems in the classroom through more efficient use of time and didactic resources. The conference will also emphasize constructivist literacy teaching techniques and an improved network for sharing ideas and resources between teachers and schools throughout the school year. All strategies presented tie into current Ministry of Education initiatives, so teachers will be receiving ideas on how to better perform their required and recommended tasks, rather than information on how to do extra tasks on top of their normal work. The conference will have 5 sessions, designed and presented in conjunction with local school staff members. Schools in the targeted districts will be invited to send two participants, who will then be encouraged to share what they learn with their schools, allowing the impact of the conference to spread. As the first of its kind in the immediate region, this conference will also serve to set a precedent which can be followed and improved in coming years, promoting a continual increase in the local quality of education.

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