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Ghana | Grasscutter Rearing

Lockyer, S
volunteer from California
in Ghana

In the Central Region farming areas of Ghana, many people go to bed at night hungry as adults and children. I see this every day in my community. So when an enthusiastic group of 10 farmers and teachers in my town asked me to help them raise a small animal called Akrante, or grasscutter in English, that they could sell or eat, I was excited to learn about these animals and to help them infuse a new economic and protein diet source to their lives and into the community.

Over the past four months, the group has been meeting weekly to learn about raising these animals and to develop building and hutch designs to house them. We have studied maintaining their proper health, record keeping, and marketing of the animals. In all, our starting goal is to build 7 separate buildings with hutches that will initially house 3 animals per person. A male and two females will begin each new grasscutter farm. The group will work together to build the houses and hutches, and are donating the land for the buildings.

Although grasscutter is not found in the U.S., it is a favorite meat in Ghana. The animals provide a high-protein, low-fat and cholesterol alternative to beef and lamb. It is a wild animal, related to the porcupine, and everyone I speak with is excited to have it available within the community. We hope that this endeavor will become the start of a multi-generational farming success story, feeding the community for years to come.

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