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Cameroon | Health Mobilizer Training and Outreach Certification

Chastain, P.
volunteer from District of Columbia
in Cameroon

Our community in the rural Adamawa region of Cameroon has a single health center that serves a population of approximately 14,000 cattle herders, farmers, and fishermen. The health center is based in a village of 4,000 with a satellite center in a village of 1,000 people, and relies on a team of dedicated health mobilizers to conduct vaccination campaigns and other community preventive health programs to the remote corners of the area. The population stretches as far as 45km from the nearest health center, with limited accessibility to motorbikes and cars. As the backbone to the health center, these 30 health mobilizers are the connection between the community and the health center. Some have received basic trainings on routine vaccinations, malaria prevention, and malnutrition, but many of the mobilizers are new to the team. To improve quality of work and boost morale, as well as strengthen the mobilizers capacity to encourage preventive health measures and seek modern medical services, the health center will conduct a series of trainings over the next six months. These trainings will cover malaria prevention, maternal health, children's nutrition, water sanitation, family planning, and HIV prevention. Each meeting will include training on behavior change tactics, and strengthen the capacity of the health mobilizers to aid their community. Drawing on veteran mobilizers' experiences will encourage the new mobilizers to work hard and reinforce everyone's knowledge on preventive health. After each training, mobilizers will engage in community service projects to reinforce what they have learned and demonstrate that everyone can and should contribute to the health of the community.

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