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Peru | Improving Water Committees

Schugart-Schmidt, W.
volunteer from Utah
in Peru

It is the purpose of the proposed project to train and involve the water committees and communities of the seven towns in the proper administration, maintenance, and operation of their municipal water systems. This training will involve twelve capacity building sessions for the water committees over the course of 2017, one each month, followed by each committee passing on that knowledge to their communities. Additionally, as part of the project, each community will install a municipal water chlorination system and will be trained in its use and maintenance. As per project design, the following goals will be targeted and achieved:

The water systems of the participating towns will have chlorinated water. The Board of Directors of the seven water committees (JASS) will have received twelve training sessions each in administration, maintenance, and operation, and show competence in the corresponding topics. The seven JASS will have reduced the delinquency of family quota to 5%. Before the end of April 2017, each water system will have its own chlorination system operating at the adequate flow rate for its population. After completing these goals, the current epidemic of chronic child malnutrition and parasitism will be severely reduced, resulting in greatly increased wellbeing for the community and a general increase in the quality of life.

Of course, no project can be fully realized without proper monitoring. In order to further unsure sustainability, both the local health network and municipality have signed pledges to continue monitoring of chlorine residuals and project related illnesses over the next two years, with the implication that this will continue into the future with the replacement volunteer in site in a supporting role. All communities are within two and a half hours, by foot, from the local region of La Peca and fall on established roads. This allows for easy monitoring by local officials, as all transportation in site is by motorcycle.

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