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Moldova | Let Girls Learn | Indoor Bathroom

Dacosta, A.
volunteer from Connecticut
in Moldova
Teacher Teaching Hand-Washing to a child

Childhood health has been evidenced to play an important role in determining future educational and professional outcomes. Educational institutions have the potential to act as key stakeholders in disseminating essential information about healthy behaviors through an array of activities, for example, optional health education courses, extracurricular health club activities, etc. However, in our village school in Moldova, the competencies developed through these courses, among other educational opportunities, have remained static at a theoretic level, lacking the foundation to turn healthy knowledge into healthy behaviors; the primary cause of this stagnation being inadequacies in the school's infrastructure, manifested by a sanitation block and sewage system that is not fully functional. In addition, there exists a pressing need for the installation of a sewage system in the institution for the conduction of activities during physics, chemistry, and biology classes, along with those carried out within primary school classes. The lack of these essential sanitary conditions in the school has been linked to the rate of illnesses, namely helminth infections and lower respiratory infections, among students, signifying that by installing a functional sewage system we have the potential to diminish the number of infections among students and contribute to the growth of a healthy generation, capable of putting knowledge into action. In order to accomplish these objectives the school administration has pledged it's financial and in-kind support, and has established a working collaboration with the mayor's office as to assure the successful linkage of the schools sewage system to the village's central conduit.

This project has been designed to expand access to education for girls in Moldova as part of the Let Girls Learn Program. Learn more at

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