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Togo | Laboratory for Clinic

Olmsted, A.
volunteer from Georgia
in Togo

Based on months of discussion between clinic workers, the PCV, and community members, we have decided to implement a lab in our local health center. The necessitated addition of solar power will also provide lights for the center, improving the quality of services rendered after hours, particularly in the realm of maternity care. Our health center currently serves 10 villages in the Savannah region of Togo comprising 8,494 people. Surrounding labs are prohibitively far and transport is expensive, even when roads are in good enough condition for travel. Currently, pregnant women do not complete essential tests and gastrointestinal illnesses are treated on the basis of symptoms alone. This is around 300 pregnant women a year and 880 patients with gastrointestinal illnesses, many of whom are children. Prior to PCV arrival, the community and the center had already started work towards this project, but without external aid its completion could take them five or more years. The regional director of health has approved this lab and has taken on a local community member for training since August 2016. This community member is an existing community health worker trained in malaria, nutrition, and tuberculosis and will be a huge asset to the center. Additionally, the center has an existing room in which to place the lab, a huge contribution. Along with funds saved by the center as well as the community’s help, this project can be completed successfully and made to be sustainable through the income generated by resulting lab tests.

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