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Dominican Republic | Latrines for Families

Bidwell, B.
volunteer from Michigan
in Dominican Republic

A sanitary bathroom is not only a vital need, but also a basic amenity everyone should have the right to. With a proper bathroom, fecal oral transmission can be drastically reduced, preventing diseases such as diarrhea and cholera, which can be dangerous to children and the elderly. In a rural community in the province of Monte Plata, The "Comite de Sanitarios"€ or "Latrine Committee" of four community health promoters and three community members will work to construct 24 new Ventilated Pit Latrines in order to increase the hygiene and sanitation health of the community. The latrine is designed to have a concrete floor over a pit with a wood and zinc structure on top for privacy. The committee will be responsible for the selection of families, along with the logistics and coordination of the project, with the community members that represent each sector of the community having the responsibility of communication to families and scheduling of construction for the contractor. Each family will construct their own pits for the latrine, along with providing food for all construction days and the cost for manual labor for the contractor. All 24 families are required to attend educational health trainings and demonstrations given by the health promoters in order to qualify for a latrine. In addition, all other meetings held by the committee regarding the project, such as project expectations and latrine maintenance are mandatory.

This project will have a long-lasting impact in the community by helping to combat diarrhea and increase the overall health and sanitation in the community. For many families that do not have a sanitary bathroom, this project will greatly increase the overall health and wellbeing of the families. In addition, the project will provide leadership opportunities for community members and further skills development for the health promoters through the educational trainings and demonstrations they prepare and give.

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