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Dominican Republic | Latrines Project

Wright, R.
volunteer from New Jersey
in Dominican Republic

Due to the lack of or poor conditions of many latrines in a small rural community located in the northwestern part of the Dominican Republic, many individuals from families of low socioeconomic status defecate in their backyard, causing damage to the environment and to the community. With the help of many donations, 21 new latrines were built in this small community in the Winter of 2016. There is, however, still such need. With the assistance of active community leaders, including the Latrine Committee, the Volunteer hopes to construct 32 more latrines for families in need. The latrines will consist of a circular pit dug into the ground, covered by a hygienic concrete floor, and surrounded by a shelter made of wood and metal sheets. Each step of the process to build the latrines requires participation from the community, primarily from the Latrine Committee, the local mason, and the families receiving the latrines. The beneficiary families are required to pass health training and latrine maintenance classes presented by the women in the Latrine Committee. The latrine project will greatly help the beneficiary families by mitigating health risks such as the risk of fecal-oral disease transmission, improving overall sanitation, and helping implement basic health and hygiene practices.

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