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South Africa | Primary School Library Project

McDonough, B.
volunteer from North Carolina
in South Africa

Since January 2016, the Peace Corps Volunteer and Primary School staff have worked to apply for book donations, sort books, and to provide bookshelves so that the library could open in October 2016 for grades 4 - 7. However, despite everyone's hard work, the school does not have an adequate space for the library. Currently, the library is located in the grade 1B classroom, which limits the available library time since the upper and lower primary grades have different breaks. Therefore, P.S. is determined to build a room that is exclusively for library purposes so that more learners may have an opportunity to visit. The objective of the P.S. Library Project is to provide an exciting and comfortable space for learners to check out books. Furthermore, the library will improve literacy and reading skills, while supporting a culture of recreational reading in the community. The new library will also serve as a space for remedial tutoring sessions or after-school club meetings.

The community's contribution includes 1,812 books, decorations, and the materials and labour needed for building the foundation, walls, and bookshelves. P.S. is requesting money to build the roof, windows, burglar bars, door, bulletin board, in addition to installing electricity and buying the furniture, supplies, and paint needed to make the library an exciting and comfortable learning space. By outfitting a new library building, P.S. will be creating a sustainable literacy resource that will encourage 221 learners in 2017 to develop a love of reading, and many more learners in the future.

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