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Zambia | Primary School Library

Clement, S.
volunteer from Vermont
in Zambia

The Primary School Library project is focusing on providing the zonal school with a library in order to increase literacy rates, provide access to books and computers, act as a meeting space for clubs and community groups, and provide the teachers with a small office and a small lounge where teachers can break between classes, hold meetings, and work on lesson planning. The community will be contributing all of the bricks for the library in addition to the labour in constructing it, as well as several other building materials. As for the impact this library will have on the community, we believe it will aid in increasing literacy rates and reading fluency among pupils, and allow teachers to have space to do their work for their classes. In addition, having a space for extra-curricular clubs to meet will inevitably make those clubs more consistent in their meetings, and provide pupils with afternoon educational activities. Having more involved teachers and students will provide those pupils with more tools to take ownership for their own education and begin to see beyond their classrooms and their village in terms of future education and work.

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