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Tanzania | Renovation of Maternity Ward

Sukowatey, A.
volunteer from Minnesota
in Tanzania

This project will address the need for a labor and delivery room at the clinic. Currently the room that is used for labor and delivery is inadequately sized as well as lacks proper sanitation and hygiene facilities. The room is too small for comfortable delivery and does not have a latrine or a hand washing sink. The room is not able to fully provide adequate health services for even one mother delivering and sometimes two mothers must use the same room simultaneously. This is not only dangerous and unhygienic for the mothers but also places a heavy burden on the healthcare workers. The proposed addition to the clinic would include two rooms, one toilet, and one hand washing station, as well as additional wiring to provide light from the current solar power system. The anticipated outcomes include: increased number of women delivering at the clinic and not at home, improved sanitation, improved confidentiality, and better privacy for the clinic's many patients. The clinic staff have stated this addition is a main priority for the clinic and have designed and will manage the project. The village has agreed to a 25% contribution of labor and materials which amounts to 1,500,000 TSH of the total 6,000,000 TSH budget. The target beneficiaries would include women and families who utilize the maternity services at the clinic. The project will be implemented in May, 2017 and be completed in June, 2017. There is a committee for this project that will oversee the project and be responsible for monitoring and evaluation. The nurses will calculate how many women utilize the clinic after the addition is built. They will also collect testimonies about the quality of the addition according to delivering mothers. The addition will allow the healthcare staff to adequately do their jobs. The village government has agreed to sustain the project after it is completed and do whatever maintenance is needed.

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