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Tanzania | Secondary School Boys' Dormitory

Lemon, R.
volunteer from Colorado
in Tanzania

As the secondary School adds more students, it becomes necessary to add more places for them to live. This year's enrollment was 16% higher than last year and form 5 students will be coming to the school for the first time in July. This rapid expansion in enrollment leaves many students without proper places to live, and calls for a rapid action to supply a safe living space and learning environment. The plan is to build a new dormitory to accommodate 60 male, O-level students. The expectation is to have an 85% decrease in absenteeism of residents of the dormitory when compared the day students, as well as to see 50% more time studying upon receiving a place to live.

As part of planning the school formed a building committee who, with support from the current dormitory patron and other community members, has already completed a budget, chosen a contractor and is ready to start the building process. The school has financial commitments from the School district (33.5%) and from the school itself (16.9%). This support, along with the initial project proposal coming from the school community, shows that this project is backed by the community and will be sustained for many years. The building committee will be responsible for buying and safely storing supplies, staying on budget, and ensuring all parties involved adhere to the timeline.

The project will be completed by the end of September and students will begin moving into the new dormitory by October 1st. The building committee will be able to start monitoring and evaluating the success of the dormitory shortly thereafter. The total cost of this project will be 44,374,000 Tanzanian Shillings (20,170 USD) with 50.4% coming from the local community.

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