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Uganda | Let Girls Learn | RUMPS 2017

Henry, K.
volunteer from Michigan
in Uganda
A girl posing for a photo.

A local foundation is looking to assist females in Uganda by creating a curriculum to empower female youths by making Re-usable Menstrual Pads (RUMPS). A beneficiary group consisting of widowed women, created a bead group that doubles as a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA); this group will act as the facilitators as well as use the RUMPS as an Income Generating Activity (IGA), in hopes of expanding the merchandise they sell within their bead group. With the initial stage of the widows passing their knowledge on to the secondary school girls, it will then be the secondary school girls facilitating menstrual health and RUMPS lessons to primary school girls. Sustainability is of the utmost importance, and it is with empowering female leadership that girls in Iganga District will no longer be missing school as a result of their menstrual cycles.

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