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Samoa | Rural Resource Center

Ho, S.
volunteer from Montana
in Samoa

The rural village is seeking to create a Community Resource and Learning Center for all 1,500 village members to access. The project aims mainly to increase 400 village students' access to literary and technological resources through the creation of a public center that is complete with a computer lab, reading library, and a study room. It will also be open to any village member needing to access the resources. Students currently pay 10 times the amount proposed by the project in the capital city to access the same resources. As a result, students often forego finishing homework or drop out of school. The project addresses this issue by proposing to establish a local and sustainable space within the village that acknowledges the technological, literary, and academic needs of Samoan students in the elementary to high school years, as well as the needs of its other village members.

The project has two main objectives. The first is that a resource and learning center will be built in the village with a computer lab, library, and study room, and equipped with 5 laptops, 1 tablet, 1 photocopier, 330 children's reading books, and 60 workbooks for student and village members to access. To further increase the project's long-term sustainability, the second objective is to employ a center committee, formed by qualified and motivated village members, who will be trained to efficiently supervise and maintain the center's equipment and resources. The creation of a committee will not only provide needed employment to village members, but also motivate villagers to gain the professional communication, cooperation, management skills that can be applied to any future job.

The village is highly invested in the project's vision and has already donated 2 laptops and 1 smart-tablet to the computer lab. One village pastor has donated the land to build the center. Community members will further contribute 1 additional laptop, 20 chairs, and 1 air conditioning unit to the center. The community will provide free services to install the air-conditioning unit, and cover the meals of construction workers.

The project is also highly supported by third-parties advocating for the empowerment of rural village students. A generous third-party in New Zealand has gathered 250 children's reading books for the library, provided that the shipping fee is covered by the grant. 80 books have kindly been donated to the library from the USA and safely arrived in Samoa. 60 student workbooks and 2 laptops have been donated by a third-party within Samoa.

There is a foundation that the center can be built on, with a concrete floor, one full wall, and pillars already intact. The pastor and church has kindly donated this space. The construction will close in the whole area with walls, add windows and doors, and partition the inside into three separate rooms. There will be a computer lab, a library, and study room.

The grant will fund the cost of materials to construct the center, the labor of construction workers, and the shipping fee for 250 donated books from a third-party donor in New Zealand. It will also provide the computer lab with 10 tables and a professional photocopier that is highly needed by students and village members to copy, print and scan materials to supplement their academic and professional needs. The center hopes to be a model of a locally sustainable public space that can be replicated within other villages in Samoa.

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