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Dominican Republic | Safe Space for Youth: Basketball & Volleyball Court

Leff, S.
volunteer from New York
in Dominican Republic

This project will rebuild a multi-purpose court that has fallen into a state of disrepair in a rural community of approximately 1,000 people in the Dominican Republic. This court is currently the only space for youth to play in this small community and there are boys and girls volleyball teams that practice daily. However, it is perched on the side of a hill without any protective fencing and the cement is pockmarked with patches of grass and dirt. Rebuilding this court will provide a safe space to play for boys and girls with a demonstrated love of sports. This is a collaborative effort between the community and an NGO, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that partners with local organizations and community members to build courts in marginalized areas, that provide kids with a safe space to play sports and spend their free time. The money solicited with this grant will be used to supplement the monetary, land, and labor contributions of the community and monetary contributions from the NGO in building a multi-purpose court.

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