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Dominican Republic | Safe Space, Safe Play Volleyball Court

Catbay, D.
volunteer from Virginia
in Dominican Republic

The project intends to provide the community of Monte Cristi, especially the women and children, a safe space to play sports and constructively use their free time in physical activities. The objective of this project is to present to Monte Cristi and surrounding communities an environment where youth and women can engage in physical activity in a secure and discrimination-free environment. The court would contribute to gender equality in sports, the improvement of self-esteem of the youth and women populations, and serve as a space to exercise and prevent the chronic diseases of hypertension and diabetes that currently inflict Monte Cristi.

This is a collaboration between Monte Cristi, a community on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti with highly organized groups, an American non-profit organization that partners with local organizations and community leaders to build sports courts in communities in need. This grant would supplement the community's monetary, land, labor and in-kind contributions as well as the NGO monetary contribution in order to construct a multi-purpose court.

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