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Cameroon | Safer Childbirth in Rural Cameroon

Kim, D.
volunteer from California
in Cameroon

The project's objective is to have healthier mothers and children, and for women to gain more confidence in their bodies and approach childbirth and motherhood without fear. The main component of the project involves a four-part training course for expectant mothers on relevant health topics: basic female physiology, creating a birth plan, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, malaria, HIV/AIDS, labor and delivery, newborn care, etc. Women who participate will be expected to share the information they learn with others in the community.

In order to enroll in the course, expectant mothers must be enrolled in a government program that helps reduce the cost of pre-natal care. The program increases the accessibility of healthcare but lacks an educational component, thereby inspiring this project. Women who successfully complete the course will receive a Baby Box, which contains materials for the newborn and parents. The "box"€ itself is a shallow plastic bucket to be used as an infant bathtub and other purposes, and includes a set of clothes and cloth diapers, context-specific items such as condoms, hygiene and sanitation supplies such as bleach and soap, and information for parents on essential newborn care, breastfeeding, and family planning.

In addition, a company that manufactures birthing stools, is graciously donating one birthing stool to the health center provided that we cover the cost of shipping. The introduction of the birthing stool to the health center will give women the option of giving birth upright, which is a more natural position for childbirth, instead of having to lie down on a birthing table. The stool can also be used as women are waiting to go into labor, as alternating positions and movement can help with pain management.

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