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Togo | School Building

Singh, K.
volunteer from Washington
in Togo

A local NGO is partnering with the community and its Peace Corps Volunteer to construct a four-room school building. Two straw-roofed, open-walled structures currently constitute the village middle school for 245 students. The primary objective of this project is to provide a physical building to enhance the student's educational experience. The NGO and the volunteer will be providing funds and project oversight, while the community members will contribute building materials, artisanal expertise and manual labor. The current open-walled classrooms provide many opportunities for distraction by other classes, livestock, and noise from the adjacent road. Additionally, the straw roof and open-walls make learning next to impossible in inclement weather. During the 2015-2016 academic year, one of the two building structures collapsed, rendering it unusable until it was repaired the following summer.

Many schoolchildren walk up to 3 kilometers on a busy road to the middle schools in the neighboring village. The improved school conditions allow students to focus in school closer to home and motivate them to continue their studies. Parents will be more confident in their children's safety in a physical school building nearby. Because they will be involved in the school's construction, parents will better connect with their children's educations and the Parents of Students Association, a community-led group that increases parents' involvement and promotes transparency in the school. The increased motivation of both parents and students will contribute to higher enrollment, lower truancy, and increased scores.

Each of the four classrooms will be 9x7m, to provide adequate space for the student population. The building will also include an office for the director, with an additional room for resources and materials. The Austria-based NGO seeks to improve education for Togolese children, and will be providing roughly three-quarters of the projected material cost. The Peace Corps Volunteer seeks funds to cover the remaining financial need. The community has donated land, and will provide labor contributing an in-kind value equal to the cost of the project.

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