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Cameroon | School Library Project

Miller, L.
volunteer from New York
in Cameroon

The technical college in Cameroon offers its students specialty training in masonry, electricity, and accounting. All students take courses in their chosen specialty, along with their general studies. The college offers four years of schooling after which students take an exam that allows them to finish secondary school at a general high school, or to go into the work force. Unfortunately, this four year system is finished in an average of six years because students are held back, largely due to illiteracy.

In Cameroon, illiteracy among students begins in primary school where they are not properly trained, but then are mass promoted by teachers so that the establishment maintains a successful record. Once the students reach secondary school they struggle in their classes, and without the necessary resources there is little chance for them to improve.

We want to construct a library at our school in order to promote literacy and combat the low literacy rates. Once the library is constructed we will develop a rotation between the teachers and members of the PTA who will be responsible for opening and running the library during school hours. By having textbooks, novels, dictionaries, and encyclopedias available to the students on a regular basis we expect to see better study habits which lead to better homework and exam results. With these resources available as well, it will be easier to set up classes and tutoring sessions to give extra aid to students struggling with literacy.

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