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Cameroon | Science Laboratory for the Islamic High School

Volkert, T.
volunteer from Massachusetts
in Cameroon

At the local High School, there is a sharp discord between the number of young students who desire a career in a science related field and the number of older students who actually pursue the science track. This drop off has been correlated to the lack of a science laboratory which makes it difficult for students to see the practical side of science and prevents them from continuing to study science in high school. As a result the community would like to build and equip a science laboratory and put in place a Women in Science program to give young girls, whose dreams of becoming scientists are all too often overlooked, the opportunity to have leadership roles in the laboratory.

As a part of the club, three high performing students would be trained to serve as lab assistants who would monitor the lab and train other students on proper use of the lab. The community is committed to raising the necessary funds and working together on the creation of the new school room. With this project we hope to increase student success in the science subjects by providing them with greater opportunities to practice the practical side of science. Additionally we hope to increase student participation in the sciences as they choose between pursuing arts or science tracts in Form 5. Lastly, we give opportunity for female students to become leaders in the scientific community by training high performing students to be laboratory assistants.


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