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Philippines | Special Olympics Oriental Mindoro

Brokaw, B.
volunteer from Florida
in Philippines

The goal of Special Olympics is to create an inclusive event that provides individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) opportunities to realize their potential, increase self-esteem, develop physical fitness, and experience joy and friendship. In addition to providing a platform for inclusion, the project also aims to transform communities by promoting a better understanding and acceptance of a population that is often ignored and put-down for their differences. Special Olympics aims to set the stage for a life of physical activity, friendships and learning through the transformative power of sport.

This two-day event in July will include 250 intellectually disabled participants from five municipalities in the province of Oriental Mindoro. Through this inaugural event, the Special Education teachers and students of Mindoro will be connected to the international network of the Special Olympics, providing them with new opportunities to access activities which improve both physical and mental health.

In addition to the two-day Olympics event, the project also includes several training components for Special Education (SPED) teachers, family members of ID students and other interested community members to learn inclusive techniques when working with SPED students.

Peace Corps Volunteers will partner with several community organizations including local schools, government units and businesses for help with funding, staff support, and venue. Special Olympics Philippines will be present for assistance with training, event-day preparations and record keeping in the event that a student qualifies to compete nationally.

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