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Moldova | Let Girls Learn | Strengthening Our School

Crane, S.
volunteer from California
in Moldova
Dancing the Hora.

The goal of our project is to improve the school environment through transforming the energy effectiveness of the school structure, so that students, including 65 girls and 12 female teachers alike work and learn in a safe building that is not a detriment to their health. The unsafe school environment drastically lessens the desire for students to attend school, as well as their ability to concentrate, thus negatively impacting their capacity to take advantage of educational opportunities. The windows are nearly 70 years old, and they fail completely to protect the school community from the cold Moldovan winters. Our school is devoted broadening horizons for the girls and young women in its community, and so any chance it has at improving their school environment becomes top priority. With 135 students from 1st to 12th grade, half of them girls and young women, our school strives to build a healthy environment and a comfortable space to learn, both essential components to gender equitable education. This project is an opportunity to both educate the student population about energy efficiency, but also to strengthen their desire to succeed. One of the most important steps in this aim is installing new windows. With new windows, we will successfully improve the safety and comfort of the school, encouraging and aiding students both in their concentration and desire to learn.

The energy effectiveness of the main school building will improve through the installation of new windows that prevents heat from escaping. The cost effectiveness of the school structure will improve by saving money on excessive heating that is used to cover the loss of heat through the old windows. The reconstruction will reduce the number of illnesses especially among girls due to or exacerbated by a cold school environment during the cold months and make students more able to learn through improving their environment. The school environment for girls and young women will improve in order to broaden educational opportunities through girls environmental awareness and career orientation activities geared towards renewable energy, energy saving and ecology.Through this project, the school will be a safer home of education and the new windows will themselves prevent this drastic impact on health.

This project has been designed to expand access to education for girls in Moldova as part of the Let Girls Learn Program. Learn more at

Your contribution increases the impact of Ms. Crane, her fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, and their communities; and makes a brighter future possible for young women in Moldova.

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