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Panama | Technology Making English Learning Possible

Maldonado, E.
volunteer from Illinois
in Panama

This project aims to help the students of the Primary School of Volcan. It will improve the students' English language proficiency while also improving the teachers' methodology. The final outcome of this project is to support Panamanians in acquiring new skills and better their English. The benefits of learning English are so many that is hard to enumerate them. The main goal is to help teachers better their teaching skills and give the students more rounded and interactive classes. The funding would buy the materials necessary to finish setting up an English lab and library. The lab will consist of a small room where the students can experience a different more interactive kind of teaching. Also, it will have an English library that the students will visit once a week. The principal, teachers, and students are highly motivated to get this project off the ground.

The funding will cover the materials only and the school will manage the lab. They already have a few things like a damaged classroom, one projector and a set of books in english designed to teach students' how to read donated by one of the teachers' relatives.

This project was not originated by the volunteer, the teachers and the Principal have been acquiring resources and equipment from different sources. Given the involvement of the community, this project is highly sustainable.

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