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Benin | Trash Collection

Mckoy, C.
volunteer from Alabama
in Benin

The primary object of this project is to purchase a Tricycle to revive the trash collection project in the community. This project will employ 3-4 primary workers two of whom was previoulsing working with a local NGO. Workers will rotate operating the tricycle and handling and collecting trash.

In the past the NGO has served over 225 households collecting and properly disposing of trash in Oueme-Plateau and would like to get the service of trash collection back up and running as the trash is still of great concern within the community. Not only will the NGO reinitiate business with old clients but, plan to recruit and sign up new households interested in routine trash collection. Trash will be disposed of in a central location away from the community and residents.

This project also encourages residents to not only participate but also receive the knowledge concerning environmental hazards, and provide an alternative to burning their trash. For sustainability each household will pay a small fee per month leading. The proper management and routine can lead to a future purchase for an additional tricycle leading to more households and expansion and most importantly environmental friendly communities.

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