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Ghana | Warehouse Construction Project

Badger, S
volunteer from Washington
in Ghana

Currently, the women who are into shea nut production in the Upper West Region of Ghana collect shea nuts, bag the nuts and hope that they will be able to sell them for at least the time and effort they put into collecting them.

Many of the bags are sold in small quantities to sellers at lower prices than a cooperative. The women would like to by-pass the "middlemen" and start processing their own nuts into shea butter, and keep the profit for themselves and their families.

The first step in this process is to build a warehouse to store the nuts, and eventually, the processed butter. This warehouse alone will increase the revenue coming into the community because with this building, they can store the nuts, and they can hold them until the market demand is higher and get a better price for the nuts and the butter. This project will construct the warehouse.

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