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Skelton, J.
volunteer from Kentucky
in Albania
Unfinished bathroom

A walk-through of the bathrooms was completed with the Director. Following the walk-through, a meeting was held with teachers and the nurse describing the potential project for the student bathrooms. The Director emphasized the importance of having functioning bathroom and female friendly bathrooms. Also, she noted the need to maintain the bathrooms after project completion.

This project will consist of the collaboration between school, students, parents, Peace Corps, and the Let Girls Learn initiative. The project will consist of replacing toilet tanks to allow for proper flushing, replace missing plumbing fixtures, repairing or replacing doors, installing door locks, fixing the broken window in the girl's bathroom, painting, and the hanging of handwashing how-to posters. To help with providing functioning bathrooms for females during menstruation, there will be small garbage cans placed in each female stall to allow for discreet disposal of sanitary pads. There will also be one large garbage can in each bathroom to prevent littering of paper on the floors. In addition to the physical work and items, there will also be lessons given on proper hand-washing to all the students encompassing the importance of proper hand-washing and what it means to respect the bathroom facilities, as well as, a training on how to properly clean the bathrooms.

The grant money will support the purchase of needed materials and labor costs during the duration of the project. This includes the costs from the plumber and general contractor who will be completing the physical work. This will include the repairing of the toilets (all of which are Turkish toilets) and the installation of doors with functioning locks to provide privacy and safety to girls and all students.

The community contribution for this project will be contributed by parents, students, school staff, and through the discounted costs from the plumber. The students will be assisting with the cleaning of the bathrooms before and after the project, the painting of the bathroom walls, and the hanging of the promotion posters. The parents will each be donating one container of soap per family to be used in the bathrooms. The staff nurse and Peace Corps volunteer will be providing hand-washing lessons to all students and staff members. The school grounds keeper will also be helping with the project providing labor. The plumber will be donating 1000 ALL through a discount on final costs.

This project has been designed to expand access to education for girls in Albania as part of the Let Girls Learn Program. Learn more at

Your contribution increases the impact of Ms. Skelton, her fellow Peace Corps Volunteers and their communities; and makes a brighter future possible for young women in Albania.

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