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Rwanda | Water Infrastructure and Hygiene Education

Trocle, A.
volunteer from Pennsylvania
in Rwanda

Water availability and accessibility are notable issues in Rwanda. Despite national and local efforts, a significant portion of the community lacks access to improved water sources. The proposed project will install a water station (with 2 taps) in our village, building off of existing infrastructure. The community will contribute a large portion of the materials and labor. The extension of water pipes and presence of a new water access point is expected to increase good hygiene practices.

During the construction of the water line and tap, the PCV and counterpart will implement a hygiene education program targeting women and children in the First 1000 Days Program. The 34 maternal and child health Community Health Workers (CHWs) in and nurses employed by the Health Center will be trained on good hygiene practices, specifically focusing on issues affecting pregnant mothers and children. During the 3 month project period, CHWs will meet with all pregnant women in the sector. Overall, the water infrastructure system and education program are intended to improve the hygiene of community members. The project will therefore impact health in Sector.

A secondary aspect of the project will involve teaching young women interested in STEM and water engineering fields who live in the local area. The PCV and water technician will work with the local school to teach girls about basic engineering principles and allow for practical experience in planning a water system

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